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Popular gifts

The next poll will be about the most popular gifts. There are a lot of things people like, love or want. But a part of these things is most wanted. Read our poll and you will learn what this part is.
What do you think about the shopping for gifts? What kinds of gifts are most popular among the men and what among the women?
All men love their cars. And all women love their jewels. So I think that every man wants to get a new car and every woman wants to get a new jewel.

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But there are so many different things. Don’t you think that there are more useful things?
Well you can go shopping for gifts and to buy a new dress, a new laptop, a new mobile phone or something else. All these things are useful but if somebody buys a car for me I do not want to receive any other gifts. It will be perfect for me.
So you dream of a new super car. And what about your wife? Does she dream for new jewels?
I do not have a wife. But every woman dreams of new jewels.
And what about the children. When you become a father what kind of gifts will you buy for your children?
Well it is one hard question. Every time I go shopping I will need to ask the kids what kind or type of toys, games or something else they like. So I will buy something they will like.
Now we are talking with one interesting man who says that the best gift for a man is the new car and for the woman – something shining like a ring, a diamond or something like that. Well there are not many people who can go shopping for gifts and come back with a new car that they will give to somebody. Most of the people buy telephones, flowers, clothes and even alcohol. Lately many people give money in cash as a gift.

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Gifts and polls

The polls can give us very good information about different topics. Let’s check what people think about the gifts and the holidays:
Hello, what is your name?
My name is Svetloslav. Hello!
Which are your favourite holidays? Why?
Well… Baba Marta, Christmas, Easter. I do not know why. I just love them.
Do you love the gifts you receive every year on these days?
Well I do not receive many gifts just the contrary I receive very few. That is why I cannot say I love the holidays because of the gifts.
But there are many days in the year when you have to go shopping for gifts, games for the children or other thing for somebody else for example your wife.
Yes I buy a lot of different gifts, toys, games, DVDs, and so on. But nobody buys something for me (laughing).
Because I am the father and everybody thinks that I have to buy everything (laughing again).
And what about your birthday? It is a special day and I will not believe if you tell me you do not receive a single gift.
Of course, I receive. But the birthday for me is something special and I do not like to celebrate with people out of the family. It is my opinion for the birthdays. Well of course my wife does not think the same way.
And what about your children – do they love the presents?
Oh, there is no need in asking this. All children in the world love gifts. That is why all parents have to go shopping for gifts and games. Today the most popular are the computer games.
So do you think that the children will forget the games of hide and seek, the toys and so on?
Well. I do not know. But today they prefer watching TV and playing computer games.
That was one really interesting poll with a man who doesn’t love birthdays as the most of the people. But at least he loves Christmas – the most beautiful day for the Christians. Today we talked about the holidays but soon we will talk about the most popular gifts.

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